About Us

Game4Charity is a multinational organization with members in the United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland; and our primary goal is to help people in need. We are going to achieve this by co-operating and organizing events with one of the largest online communities: Gamers.

Game4Charity is run exclusively by gamers heavily invested in the online community and all have come together to raise money for various charity organizations; and create events, live streaming sessions and merchandise for the gaming community as a whole to invest in. We are a not for profit organization and all of our members are volunteers.

Currently we are donating primarily to the charity Child's Play , which provides entertainment to children in over seventy hospitals worldwide. As we increase in size we will start to branch out to other charities and grow our level of donations and charity partners substantially.

Our first event, a streaming session lasting a whole week, raised over $1000 and we are hoping to constantly increase the amount we donate.

If you want to help out in any way, or have any comments or suggestions please email contactus@game4charity.org or leave us a post on our facebook page Game4Charity

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